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Your Customers
Want Gorilla!

Gorilla Glass

Mobile Marketing Campaign

Corning Inc. supplies Gorilla Glass, a specialized toughened glass for portable electronic devices such as high-end mobile phones, to mobile phone manufacturers.

CHALLENGE. Corning’s existing selling proposition was
"Consumers who come to spend 33% of their time on the site seeking to verify their models for Gorilla Glass."
However, this USP was losing effectiveness.
Corning intended to formulate a new selling proposition for the glass.

SOLVE. Presenting consumer voice to mobile brands is a compelling proposition because social media comments are monitored and taken more seriously than abstract website visits. Therefore, what if..
Corning could make consumers (mobile device users) generate social imprints (clicks, comments, submits) expressing their desire to have Gorilla Glass on their device and Corning presents these consumer voices to Mobile Brands?

RESULT. Using focused digital marketing platforms including Click-through Networks, Paid Search and Paid Social Media, and with surgical campaign optimization setup, we were able to achieve high levels of TG reach.


Digital Production, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search, Paid Social Media

  • Banners

  • Mobile ad

  • Paid Search

  • Carousal Advert

  • Newsfeed Adverts

  • Video Adverts

And the numbers spoke loud.

  • 400

    Targeted Mobile Users' Reach

  • 12

    Mobile Users Visited Our Device Detection Application Webpage

  • 3.1

    Responses from mobile users

  • 98

    Accuracy in generating responses from users of non Gorilla Glass mobile devices

A compelling new selling proposition for Gorilla Glass was created…

An honest and direct voice of mobile brands’ own consumers asking for Gorilla Glass on their device!!

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