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Brand Presence
For HCL Jigsaw

HCL Jigsaw

Making the right kind of splash.

HCL Jigsaw, a new pioneering program, was initiated to build a culture of problem-solving in the country, starting at the school level.

CHALLENGE. HCL Jigsaw aimed to propose an alternative approach to learning by emphasizing the need to foster 21st-century skills in 6 to 9 graders. They provide a competitive platform to help students assess how they perform on 21st-century skills of problem-solving. However, connecting with their TG was becoming an issue. They needed to develop a way to deal with the problem at hand.

SOLVE. What HCL Jigsaw needed wasn't a quick fix, but a detailed-out approach to solving the underlying issue of helping the audience understand what the brand was bringing to the table. The intent was to position the competitive platform as the go-to destination to assess the child's skills to prepare them for the bigger assessment, life. We ran mini-campaigns like the Children's Day Contest, Refer & Win, and Page-liker Campaign. And promoted the same to parents of 6 to 9 graders and helped them realize how choosing HCL Jigsaw would be the best solution to prepare their child for a better tomorrow.

RESULT. We helped HCL Jigsaw establish their brand presence, gain considerable traction among TG, and be able to reach out to new audience base. We also ensured they were made aware of the brand's purpose, while successfully building trust and leaving a lasting impact.


Digital media strategy, Social strategy and planning, Social marketing & engagement campaigns, Trends & insights consulting, Social media optimization

Let's talk numbers!

  • 13.4


  • 4.7


  • 96


With a pool of activities raging from sharing knowledge about
education-beyond-classroom, to learning and contesting around problem-solving,
we leveraged the power of social content to get considerable traction for the first edition
of the Critical Reasoning Olympiad.

Creating a paradigm shift in the approach to learning #HCLProblemSolver

Inching closer to the goals every day.

HCL Jigsaw reached 90% of the target audience and successfully
conducted and concluded Edition 1 and 2 of their Critical Reasoning Olympiad
with enthusiastic participation from children across India.

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