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Nissan JUKE
Color Studio


Color changes everything.

Nissan, one of the world's leading automotive companies—whose brand promise is "Innovation that Excites"—offers the JUKE, a quirky sport-utility with an urban attitude.

CHALLENGE. Nissan looked to us to help change the way consumers think about vehicle accessories, starting with the launch of the JUKE Personalization Program—a line of vividly colored mix-and-match accessories that let consumers customize their car the way they might a pair of sneakers. The launch needed to reflect JUKE’s youthful, fashion-forward sensibility and ultimately elevate the overall image of Genuine Nissan Accessories.

SOLVE. We crafted a concept—“color changes everything”—that captures the emotional impact of color; how even a splash can transform an object, your mood, or your whole world. We then brought the the concept to life through a series of videos, a full-blown showroom campaign and a branded name, the JUKE Color Studio.

RESULT. In the first month, the JUKE Color Studio generated $2.9 million in sales and to date, the program has generated over $5.2 million in sales. This emboldened Nissan to rethink their marketing approach while successfully moving accessories from afterthought to must-have in the minds’ of JUKE consumers.


Integrated Marketing, Content Marketing, Analytics & Insights, Point of Purchase


Platinum Graphis Award
Gold Graphis Award
Gold Addy District Winner
Silver National ADDY Award

Swooping onto the scene and transfusing colors onto the JUKE—the first-ever Color Studio is pretty darn cool.

An idea takes flight.

Colorful. Smart. Intriguing. A parrot has a powerful presence and in this case, it has the power to swoop onto the scene and transfuse a variety of colors onto the JUKE. Add a sultry, swaggering music track with a mix of live action and CGI, and this video series becomes a true agent of change—making consumers rethink the way they accessorize their JUKE.

Lenticular Poster

Print has its own prestige.

Harnessing the illusional power of an old-school printing technology, we transformed an otherwise static poster into something fun, interactive, and unexpected...especially for the youthful JUKE buyer immersed in a digital world.

Graphic Poster

A bold way to say it all.

Die-cut Mini Brochure

Small yet revealing.

Showing a second JUKE in a different set of color accents, this mini brochure creates an engaging and interactive experience instead of the standard, boring throw-away piece.

7’ Stackable Cube

Stacked and showroom ready.

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